Went for this concert by the Bombay Chamber Orchestra at the NCPA. The concert featured some guest musicians from Japan and Tokyo. The evening included music by Beethoven, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Sarasate and Toyama. Having never heard Yuzo Toyama’s compositions, was extremely intrested on hearing his work. The evening was quite an enchanting one with some excellent music. Though the typical Indian crowd was a bit overenthusiastic in its appreciation – they kept clapping at every pause !!!

The piece by Toyama titled “Rhapsody” was brilliant. I’ve never heard such a wonderful combination of instruments, both traditional western classical ones and Japanese musical instruments. Hoping to pick up more by this composer in the future. The piece that was played in the end was brilliantly conducted by the conductor, with him getting the audience adding to the music through clapping.

The Arties Festival happens sometime later this week, hope to catch that too.

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