Watched a DVD of Bangkok Dangerous last night. The new Nicholas Cage action flick is possibly one of the most cliched “hitman” flicks I have seen of late. Still in spite of that the movie does have its moments. The plot follows Joe, a seemingly faceless assassin to Bangkok. Joe wants to do one last job and fade away into the crowds. The Bangkok job involves four hits and a lot of cash which is retirement money for Joe. Following his rules, Joe recruits a local pickpocket called Kong (yes, it doesn’t get funnier than this) to act as his go-between and contact the local mafia that hired him. Everything seems to be going as planned, when Joe executes his first hit flawlessly. However, Joe soon begins to violate his own unwritten code and develop a relationship with a local deaf-mute girl. To top that, the mafia wants a very sensitive target eliminated in the last hit and is curious to know the hitman’s identity, lest he botch the last hit and spill the beans.

The movie isn’t bad per se, just horribly cliched with almost every hitman cliche thrown at your face. The action set pieces and the hits are well shot and so the film does have its moments. Collateral (2004) and Matador (2005), movies on a similar theme were much better in my opinion. Still the film’s worth just about a watch.

PS: Me thinks this movie has excellent remake potential in Hindi. I can almost see a movie being made titled “Mumbai Dangerous”, directed by Sanjay Gupta. The movie cast would include Joe (Sanjay Dutt) and Kong(Ritesh Deshmukh). The club dancer being played by Katrina Kaif and the deaf mute girl played by Simone Singh. And for the bad guys, Sharat in the movie bears an uncanny resemblance to Sharad Saxena. And since quite a bit of movie is in a night club, excellent potential for an item number. What say Bollywood ?

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