About Me

Elroy Serrao is a 30 something from Mumbai. He fancies himself as a data scientist, adventure junkie, photographer and nature enthusiast. Oh, and he thinks he can blog as well.

Elroy’s day job revolves around offering consulting advice to firms around the exciting space of data science and business intelligence. In the past, Elroy has worked with large Fortune 500 firms covering various aspects of business intelligence, data warehousing, architecture, business analysis and product development.

In his free time, Elroy enjoys reading, collecting arcane tidbits like stamps,coins, daggers as well as traveling. Elroy’s other passion is photography, and rarely does a month go by when he isn’t out shooting on his Canon 500D.

But that’s enough about Elroy for now, so get back to reading the blog.

Note for the curious – what the title tagline means ?

The title tagline “mobilis in mobili” is from Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues under the sea. It’s Captain Nemo’s motto and loosely translated it means “Changing with Change”. (Other translations make it to be “Moveable in a moveable element”, but I kinda prefer this one ).

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