Some time back I had posted about this new Android App that I was working on which calculated Rickshaw Fares. Well the good news is that the App is live !!! The App is called “Cheater Meter” and you can download the app for Android 1.6 and upwards from the website. If you don’t have an Android phone (or even a “smart” phone for that matter), don’t fret – we have a web enabled version as well. Just point your phone’s browser to and use the web-based mobile application.

So far we have added features that let you calculate the correct fare for both Taxi’s as well as Autorickshaw’s in Mumbai. In addition to this, you can also calculate the correct midnight fare for journeys after 12:00 midnight. In case you have a problem with the autorickshaw, you can call the toll free helpline started by the RTO, right from the application itself.

I am pretty excited about this application, and we do have a lot of more nifty features that we will roll out soon (including our entry into the Android Marketplace). Please do use the application and let me know how you liked it or why you didn’t like it and what features/improvements we can add in future versions.

PS: We are also on Twitter, so please follow for updates.

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