For those of who don’t know, I moved to Bangalore (Bengaluru) about 3 weeks back. I had been looking for opportunities in the IT-BFSI-Consulting space that were more in line with my long term goals, and when a firm in Bangalore offered me a position in their Product division along those lines I jumped at the opportunity.
So far the move has been pretty smooth, with the firm offering me good accommodation during the initial transition period. I’ve also been able to find accommodation fairly close to where I work and so far moving in has been quite easy. While I haven’t really done much after moving here other than visiting the local Malls (more on that in another post), I do hope to do a lot more exploring in the days to come in addition to a number of weekend trips (Hampi is probably the first on the radar). The move however has taught me a few valuable nuggets of wisdom:

  1. De-clutter your life
    While packing I realized that you have to be able to fit your life’s most important belongings within the check in baggage limit (in my case 20Kgs). I mostly carried clothes, figuring out that most of anything else that I wanted could be bought in Bangalore. Still I wasn’t able to fit within the 20Kgs. Guess I need to de-clutter more.
  2. Re-cluttering is just as easy
    In a twist of Irony, I also learnt that it is just as easy to re-clutter. Since I came here, I have been gradually buying a lot of things, small little things that I just can’t do without. Realising now that at this rate, moving out to another place may be an equal pain.
  3. Learn to ride a bike/car or live in Mumbai
    While Bangalore isn’t the biggest city in the whole wide world, it’s a fact that it’s a huge hassle to travel anywhere if you don’t have your own vehicle. The bus network is fairly good (though nowhere as extensive as BEST) and you do have auto rickshaws but nothing beats getting into a Mumbai Local when you need to get somewhere fast.

Do expect more posts on my experiences, adventures and misadventures in this fine city. Until then …

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