After much waiting, the day of departure was finally here. We were all booked on a late night flight to Delhi from Mumbai. Soumen decided to head to the airport directly from his office at Powai. Since my home was pretty much on the way to the airport, I hitched a ride with him. We left fairly early considering that we might run into traffic. However, the traffic was light and we were the first to arrive at the airport. Ajay arrived shortly after us. We were then waiting for Hansel and Gargi, when I unexpectedly ran into Avinash, an batchmate of mine from NMIMS.
Gargi and Hansel soon reached the airport. Gargi turned up with this huge rucksack in which I’m pretty sure she could have fitted herself into. After checking in that “heavy” luggage, we moved to the departure lounge where we grabbed a quick dinner of sorts at the airport.
Our flight to Delhi was on time, and about two odd hours later we were at Delhi Airport. We grabbed some more grub at the Delhi Airport, before moving to the departure terminal to catch our flight to Leh.

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