I was browsing through trailers online when I realized that 2009 and early 2010 certainly have a lot in store. Here is a list of some of my picks of movies to watch out for:

Public EnemiesPublic Enemies
Public Enemies has Johnny Depp playing Depression era gangster, John Dillinger. Dillinger became quite famous (or was that notorious) because of his stylized bank heists, so much so that the FBI named him the “first” ever public enemy. The movie follows Dillinger’s exploits as his nemesis Melvin Purvis (Christian Bale)  attempts to catch him. Directed by Michael Mann  (Collateral and  The Kingdom), this promises to be a good cops and robbers caper.

I think 2009 is a good year for sci-fi, and Moon is as good as it gets. Moon is set well on the moon, where Sam Rockwell plays a miner on a three year contract to mine some sort of clean energy source on the moon. He is kept company by a computer / robot (very reminiscent of HAL from 2001: A space odyssey), and can only communicate with his wife and son on earth through recorded messages. His three year contract now nears its end and he expects to rejoin his family on earth. However his replacement is not something he quite expects. The movie stands out for its 2001 like ambience and Rockwell’s amazing performance. A definite must see for sci-fi movie fans.

GI JoeGI Joe: The Rise of Cobra
GI Joe was probably the first action hero toy I played with as a kid (I had Cobra’s Firefly), and thats why this movie is on the list. The movie is an origin story of sorts with the Joes banding together to take down a shadowy terrorist organization called Cobra. Cobra in the movie is headed by renegade arms dealer, Destro, who aims to hold the world ransom to his advanced weaponry. Throw in some great special effects, action sequences and this just might be the formulaic action hit of the year. On a side note, the trailer indicates that the GI Joes will be powered by an exo-skeletal suit, somewhat like the GI Joe: Sigma 6 series.

In The LoopIn the Loop
I’ve always loved British comedies, and this one is one of the better ones to come out this year. It follows the exploits of the Minister of International Development, who due to his inept handling of the media sets things in motion that might just escalate into an invasion of a foreign country by the US and UK. The movie is hilarious with several laugh out loud moments. Peter Capaldi is superb as Malcolm Tucker, the communications minister who serves as the British PM’s enforcer. If you like it you may also like The Thick of It, a very similar British TV series.

Shutter IslandShutter Island
Bhooshan recommended watching the trailer of this movie and so I decided to give it a shot. What can I say, looks like Shutter Island might just be one of the best thrillers of 2009. The movie follows two US Marshals who travel to a mental asylum for the criminally insane which is set on the titular island. They are there to investigate the disappearance of a murderess who was committed to the asylum. Directed by Martin Scorsese, the movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo.

SurrogatesIn the future, people live in isolation only interacting with other people through avatar’s called ‘surrogates’. When an increasing number of people are killed through their surrogates, a cop (Bruce Willis) decides to investigate. However, destruction of the cop’s surrogate soon forces him to confront the real world. This movie is based on the five-issue comic book series of the same name. I remember that the graphic novel was pretty good, and with Bruce Willis returning to the big screen after Die Hard 4.0 , this movie promises to be interesting.

WhiteoutThis is another graphic novel to big screen adaptation of the hit comic book series by the same name. The movie follows US Marshal Carrie Stetko (Kate Beckinsale) as she tries to locate a killer at large in the McMurdo station, Antarctica. The situation isn’t helped by the stark and bleak landscape and the fast approaching storm which promises to cloak the base in a whiteout. The comic book series was pretty good with its stark “Sin city”-esque black and white panels, lets hope the movie is as good.

PandorumPandorum belongs to the genre of Sci-Fi horror (you know Alien, Event Horizon, monsters in space etc), and not having seen anything great in this genre of late I was particularly intrigued by its plot.

Two crew members awaken out of deep hyper-sleep and find themselves on a seemingly abandoned spacecraft. They don’t know how they got there and nor do they have any recollection of what their mission might have been. They soon realize that they aren’t alone in space and there is something or someone on board with them.

BullThis movie is dark comedy about well – bull. Seems interesting and being a fan of dark comedies will wait for this to come out. Here is the description from Apple Trailers:
Bull is a darkly comic neo-noir about deception, identity, money, murder, and really tall buildings. Deep within heatwave-baked skyscraper canyons, a hapless stockbroker gets caught up in a twisty web where no one – no one at all – is telling the truth.

Flame and Citron
Flame & CitronAfter Valkyrie, this year there are quite a few historical thrillers set during World War II. Flame and Citron is one of them. The movie is set during closing years of the World War. Nazi Germany has occupied Denmark, however it still faces fierce underground resistance. Flame and Citron are the code names of two underground agents, renowned for their ruthlessness in dealing with traitors and the Nazi. When they are sent to kill Flame’s lover, they begin to question their orders and decide on their own agenda, sparking a secret war with the Gestapo.

Inglorious BasterdsInglorious Basterds
Ladies and Gentlemen, Tarantino’s back with a new explosive thriller. The movie follows the World War II exploits of a special unit, nicknamed ‘The Basterds’. Led by Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt), the unit is composed of American-Jewish soldiers who strike fear in the hearts of the Nazi enemy through their brutal slayings of Nazi soldiers. Tarantino calls it a “western” with World War II iconography. Early reviews indicate that its quite in the Tarantino mould, ultra-violent and highly stylized, so I’m hoping its a good watch.

Cold Souls
Cold SoulsPaul Giamatti in this metaphysical targicomedy set some time in the future.  Here is the description from IMDB: Paul (Giamatti) is an actor who feels bogged down by his participation in a production of Chekov’s play, Vanya. His condition which leads him to an organization that will store his soul while he treads the boards, though complications (and international travel) arise when his soul goes missing.

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