Just saw Mr.Kolpert at Prithvi today. The play was staged as part of the Thespo 7 festival in 2005 and is currently running at Prithvi today and at the NCPA from on 24th and 25th of this month. The play follows the exploits of a young couple who have invited their friends from work.  To make things a little interesting , the host announces that there is a dead body in the trunk. What follows is a very black comedy involving infidelity, pizza, chaos theory, longing for emotions and the Mona Lisa.

The play can be summed up in one word – weird. The plot does have some of it’s high moments and some really funny ones too. However there are many cases when gags are overdone, and some others where the dialogue is far to arcane. Also some of the violence on stage is quite raw. While this is actually well acted out, if you have never experienced violence on stage, you may find the experience a bit jarring. The ending was in my opinion very good from a lighting and photography perspective. All in all, a decent play, not all that great.

Anyway, have to log off now, got to head out early tomorrow.

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