Just got back seeing this hilarious Shakespearean tragedy titled “Hamlet: The clown prince”. (Who said tragedy couldn’t be fun ? ) It’s by the same group that presented the excellent “C for Clown”, so I knew it would be a nice play. The play follows a group of clowns who have decided to enact or rather re-interpret Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. What follows is a comedy of errors with lines re-written in gibberish, scenes thrown out re-hashed. The end result, an endearing search for the essence of Hamlet and its relevance today.

The acting and direction were top-notch and the comic timing excellent. Like “C for Clown”, this play too had impromptu interaction with the audience, adding to the whole charm of the play. While watching the play, though kept remembering Heath Ledger’s “Joker”. I guess after “It“, Ledger’s made the clown fashionable again.

Do catch this play at Prithvi (It’s on till the 28th of this month), it will be an evening well spent. And to conclude in the words of the clown prince:

… all this and much more, I can deliver. And the rest is silence.

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