Google vs CuilCuil (pronounced “cool”) , is the new kid on the search engine block. The founders claim that the search engine is the world’s biggest search engine – thrice the size of Google and ten times the size of Microsoft (in terms indexed pages). It’s also supposed to be based on analyzing pages for content rather than peer linkage. Unfortunately, for all it’s claims it can’t seem to find it’s own launch news page. A simple search for “cuil launch” on Google and Cuil shows how far behind Cuil is. While dependable Google shows up the relevant results, Cuil doesn’t even seem to be capable of finding its own self. (see the screenshot comparision).

However, it does have an nice interface. I certainly loved it’s explore by category feature. The other thing going for Cuil though is it’s privacy policy which states that it does not maintain any logs of user activity on it’s servers.

Personally, in the end I feel that a search engine being billed as developed by ex-googlers (note the Google brand power being used to market the engine) is doomed for failure and obscurity. Though I guess time will tell whether I am right or not.

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