Bruce Wayne - Gotham Tonight

The Dark Knight viral campaign continues to blow my mind. This campaign absolutely rocks !!! The lastest site launched is The Gotham Cable News website. One of the programs on this fictional Gotham City news network is Gotham Tonight. Gotham Tonight features a tabloid style report on Gotham city’s beloved playboy, Bruce Wayne. Taking a cue from flashy reports, the piece presents Bruce Wayne’s life right from a biography of the Wayne family, the death of his parents to the his birthday party that burnt down Wayne Manor (See Batman Begins).

Most importantly the report also cleverly lays the ground work for the movie. It explains how Wayne comes to live in a penthouse, his current estrangement with Rachel Dawes and how Harvey Dent fits in. It also takes a look at some of the cutting edge technology that Wayne Industries has invested in like stealth rotors (Batcopter anyone ??).

Overall it’s slick execution is awesome, one of the most clever pieces of viral advertisement that I have seen. In addition to this the presenter makes some very sly allusions to the Joker.

Gotham Tonight will continue two weeks from now with a show on Detective Jim Gordon and profile of the new elements in Gotham’s underground (Joker ??). Just can’t wait for the movie now 🙂

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