Solar StudsI was on my way back from BKC today morning, when I noticed something at one of the traffic signals. It was one of those small studs they put on roads to indicate a speed breaker or a turn in the night. Now, for a long time I have always thought that these are usually just simple reflectors, reflecting the light from the head lamps, however these ones had “TATA BP SOLAR” scrawled on the side. While, I do know Tata is pretty versatile in the number of industries it operates in, never knew it even made road studs !

The device called “Sparkle”, is actually quite innovative. It has a solar panel at the top with which it stores energy during the day. At night, the stored energy provides enough power to the small lights in the stud for dusk to dawn operation. All this is in one self contained unit !

Pretty neat, in my opinion, though they could have made them more sturdy. Almost all the studs on the road were worn out 😉

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