The Olive Ridley turtle is one of the smallest sea turtles. It gets it’s name from the olive color of it’s shell. These small 100lb turtles are remarkable in the fact that they travel each year back to the same beach where they hatched from in order to mate. The Olive Ridley turtle is also one of the most endangered turtle species. Major threats to the turtle stem from trawling and threats to it’s nesting grounds.

The beaches of Orissa represent one of the last nesting grounds for the Olive Ridley turtle. One of the threats to it’s nesting grounds here, is the TATA steel port (Dhamra port). While evidence from various studies and the EIA report submitted show that the region is not frequented by turtles, the port’s proximity to an ecologically sensitive region is questionable. The port is less than 5 kilometres from the Bhitarkanika Sanctuary, India’s second largest mangrove forest, and less than 15 km. from the turtle nesting beaches at Gahirmatha Sanctuary. Besides this, several other rare reptiles and amphibians including a rare species of horseshoe crab nest here.

So if you care about our little turtle buddies, write to Ratan Tata, exhorting him to move the port to less ecologically sensitive location.

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  1. ramesh says:

    This is not a contest this concerns peoples lives and their livelihood.
    The people of the port should be the winners in the end and should be able to get what they have wanted for years. Let us not take this opportunity away from them.

  2. steven says:

    If everyone has information on the olive ridley turtle,I know for a fact that they would be aware of the nesting which took place in march.
    The funny thing is that a true environmentalist would have been extremely glad hearing this.But it seems that Greenpeace is more interested in other activities than actual work of environmentalists.

  3. Rajni says:

    We need to do our own research and then support accordingly rather than believe evrything that is written.

  4. Anitha says:

    Hey, it’s like people are talking again and again and again on the same issues … that too after all the explanations have been made and all doubts been clarified.
    Now for a change may be you all should go through this site ( for further clarifications.
    And NO I’m not an employee of TATA …BUT am an Oriya… meaning I and my entire clan has been there for generations… so I KNOW what you are JUST talking about…
    Also check out this site (… To know the TRUE picture of all the happenings…

  5. Anindita says:

    The Dhamra Port Corporation Limited is committed to improve the standard of living and enhance the rural infrastructure of Orissa. The commitment of this project is made on creating a self-reliant community in compliance with all regulations of protecting the environment, conservation of natural resources, restoring ecological biodiversity. An organization as reputed as that will never overlook a crucial aspect as the arribada of the Olive Ridley Turtles.

  6. Anup Mahanta says:

    If DPCL had started this project a few years ago, a lot of families would not have migrated out of Orissa to other states in hope of a better life.

  7. Shubho Mitra says:

    Tell me about it, I know loads of people who had migrated to other cities in sheer depression just to get two meals a day. But thankfully most of the families are coming back because of the increased opportunities in their state

  8. Shubendu Moitra says:

    India is a very diverse country with its own set of inherent problems and lop-sided growth. Greenpeace must understand this and stop holding the growth of Orissa hostage and must return to the negotiation tables with wasting any more time and creating a pathetic hue and cry.

  9. Ashok Chaterji says:

    The government of India, with the support of industry, is trying very hard to create an equitable society. Greenpeace must understand this and stop holding the growth of Orrisa hostage and must return to the negotiation tables with wasting any more time and creating a pathetic hue and cry.

  10. dr.kanant says:

    The facts are clear dredging has had no impact on the nesting this year.
    Sustained development is a win-win situation in all cases
    This must have put green peace plans in a tizzy…

  11. devi.devraj says:

    The people can call dharma now a land of opportunities. But by the way it looks that some people will not let them have it that easily. But it dosen’t matter as the people have made their choice and have understood the importance of this port and they will have it one day.

  12. sulakshna says:

    I have been following the issue of Olive Ridleys but lately i did not find any update of the issue. Ratan Tata agreed to talk about it and the project has been put on hold then why did the Green Peace people walk away. They just dont seem to know exactly what they want.

  13. Jess says:

    Recently read a news articles about arribada turtles nesting at Gahirmatha Beach, Orissa.

    Not a nano turtle issue

  14. Jess says:

    Animated youtube video about turtles nesting in India. ENJOY!

  15. Renuka says:

    According to Greenpeace, Dhamra port project will directly affect the Olive Ridley turtles, their mating, nesting etc. however found this video worth sharing.

    Even after huge Greenpeace propaganda, turtles came back for nesting at Gahirmatha beach, which is located near Dhamra port project.

    Like to share few more stories:

    I think Greenpeace problem lies here: “After all, Tata has grown from a national giant into an international player”

  16. Jessica says:

    Have a look at

    Its says:

    “It may be noted that IUCN and the MTSG (Marine Turtle Scientific Group) scientists working with the group have clearly stated that dredging operations for Dhamra does not and will not affect the Olive Ridley Turtles in Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary and its periphery area. For more details log on to –

  17. Aakansha says:

    Thanks Jess for sharing the blogspot link with us.

    Check this press release which is worth reading.

    Press Release from North orissa University

    It has come to our notice that Greenpeace India have placed in their website a report under the title “Bio-diversity Assessment of Dhamra Port Site and Surroundings Areas, Orissa”. The cover page of the report says that the report has been prepared by the North Orissa University. We would like to clarify that no report under the above mentioned title has been prepared by the North Orissa Unversity.

    North Orissa University had prepared a report under the title “Rapid Bo-diversity Assessment of Dhamra Estuary, Orissa-India” and the same was submitted to Greenpeace India who were the funding agency.

    A comparison of the report as it appears in the website of Greenpeace India and the authentic report of North Orissa University reveals that the Greenpeace India have doctored the authentic report by way of changing the title and its contents for motives best known to them.

    We wish to further clarify that the impact of Dhamra Port on the environment and bio-diversity of Dhamra Estuary was not within the scope of our study.

    For the sake of convenience we are enclosing herewith a copy of the authentic report of the University and the report as placed by the Greenpeace India in their website along with a comparison in a tabular form which would clearly indicate the changes/deletions/additions and interpolations made by Greenpeace India.

    To conclude we take serious exception to such unethical conduct by Greenpeace India.

    Prof. Sudarsan Nanda,
    Vice Chancellor,
    North Orissa University