Harvey Dent is all set to run for DA in Gotham City, in the latest email message sent as part of the Dark Knight Viral campaign. Here are the contents of the email sent on 27th March:

We did it! Harvey Dent has officially announced he’s running for Gotham District Attorney! And it’s all because of you — your support.
Your rallies, your petition drives, your videos, your enthusiasm. The Dentmobile brought our message of change for Gotham City to every neighborhood. But it was your energy that brought a message of support to Harvey Dent himself.
And he heard you. Harvey Dent heard the fierce desire all of you have for change in Gotham. And that’s why, today, Harvey Dent announced that he’s running for Gotham DA.
Now, the real battle begins. We all must join together to make sure that Harvey Dent gets the chance to take back Gotham City from crime and corruption.
Talk to your neighbors, your friends, your coworkers. Tell them why Harvey Dent is the one man who can save Gotham.
And keep on checking www.ibelieveinharveydent.com for news of the race.
Harvey Dent thanks you all. With your help, we can take back Gotham.
Allan Cypes
Media Manager, Harvey Dent for Gotham DA

The media machine of Warner Brothers sure knows how to run a nice Viral !

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