Photoshop Express

Adobe just released it’s latest offering called Adobe – Photoshop Express. Currently in a public beta, this Flash based offering lets a user maintain an online “photbucket”. It combines this with Photoshop’s award winning editing features. Most of the common corrections like red-eye removal, contrast, exposure and brightness adjustments etc are available. Also you have a decent bevy of special effects like sepia, black and white, pop colors etc. In short everything that an ordinary everyday photographer would need.

Having given it a little test run, I found that it actually looks, feels and works with same general Photoshop goodness that most users have come to expect of the desktop software. Some of the effects are pretty impressive, like the “pop-color” effect I used to bring out the red in the above screen shot.

The software service offers the average user approximately 2GB of space to store photos. An subscription based service for more space is in the works. As of now the service can only process JPG images, however who knows maybe in the future more formats may be supported. Lastly, it comes at the amazing price tag of zero (insert relevant currency here). It’s the perfect thing for the average photographer wanting Photoshop like capabilities in processing his images, but not willing to shell out the big bucks for it. (or he could just use Gimp ;-))

Adobe’s move in the online space might also serve as harbinger of things to come in the future. I would expect more such “software as a service” offerings to be available, as we move to a more wired and internet driven world.

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