Went to the Arties Festival, India at the NCPA yesterday. The western classical music concert was presented by Arties Events. Arties Events was founded by Gauthier Herrman, Shakuntala Hingorani and Morgan Segui and is dedicated to the production of high quality musical events. The concert presented works by Johannes Brahms, Mozart and Chausson.

I particularly liked the Cello and piano sonata (Brahms). Some of the pieces they played were more of the mellow side of things, and maybe they could have done with an more upbeat selection. Still the icing on the cake was the surprise piece they played at the end.They began by getting all the musicians on stage, and surprisingly two people on the piano. Then the music flowed, and boy how did it flow. Of all the things they could have played, they played hindi flimi music songs like the title track from Dhoom, songs from Murder etc. suitably adapted to violin, viola, cello and piano. This was interspersed with medleys from the more well known classical pieces. All in all, this was an amazing display of fusion at it’s finest. This really made my day.

Hope to attend their next concert soon.

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