Deep blue seaJust back from a trip to Tarkarli in Sindhudurg district. Tarkarli is situated 6 Kms south of Malvan and 546 kms away from Mumbai on the west coast of India. The major attraction here is the long and narrow stretch of beach, with its pristine waters. And of course, the clear waters also lend themselves to snorkeling, something that I was very keen on doing.

We reached Tarkarli via Kudal on the 7th of February in the morning. The journey had some surprises, since we unexpectedly got upgraded to the three tier AC compartment 🙂 After checking into the Konkani style “huts” that the MTDC resort there provides we decided to check out the beach. The beach is one of the most pristine and deserted beaches that I have seen, and along with the hammocks along the beach front, this place makes for one lazy getaway.

After lunch, we decided to head to Devbaugh beach. This is a spot where the river Karli meets the sea. One can also see Dolphins in the sea here. The lady at the reception assured us that the beach was just 1 Km away and so we decided to walk the distance. Unfortunately for us, several hours and many kilometers later we were still walking. After a long walk that must have covered at least 6 odd Km (instead of the 1Km) we finally reached the spot. Along the way we also learned that the because of the winds and the disturbed water, most water sport activities (including snorkeling) were out. 🙁

After shooting some pictures there, we decided to trudge along the beach instead of taking the road. This turned out to be a good thing as it was a shorter distance. There was however a lot of wind on the beach making the sand literally flow like a river, between your feet, along the wind direction. The experience of trudging along a deserted beach with the dying sun over the horizon, while sand flowed over your feet like a miniature sand storm was surreal.

The next day we went off to Sindhudurg fort. Sindhudurg is one of Maharashtra’s more popular and important sea forts, built in the 17th century. There is a ferry from Malvan jetty to the fort. You usually get about an hour to explore the fort after which the boat ferries you back to shore. The fort largely has it’s walls intact, though there is not much else in the fort. The structures within the fort seem to have been cannibalized or razed to the ground (barring a few temples), while the majestic walls still withstand the fury of the waves. In spite there not being much to see here, the sheer ingenuity of the people who built it is worth admiring.

We spent most of the next day lazing around at Tarkarli. Ofcourse, we dined on the fine fresh sea food the resort had to offer. Enjoyed eating pomfret, Kingfish, prawns etc. We finally bid the place goodbye on Sunday. The trip was kind of a mixed success, while I didn’t get to snorkel (a major disappointment), I definitely enjoyed the trip, saw a sea fort (been on my places to see list for a long time now) and even spotted an elusive woodpecker. Hope to head again here in March or April when hopefully the water will be clear enough to do snorkeling then.

Tarkarli Photos

Sindhudurg Photos

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