The MacBook Air has barely had a decent launch, and already there are killers out to get it. Toshiba and Lenovo seem to be developing new laptops that are designed to give the MacBook Air a run for it’s money.

Toshiba’s Portégé R500 is it’s new ultra-light laptop. The laptop comes with a 12″ screen, 120 GB hard drive, Intel Core 2 Duo, enough RAM (read probably 2GB) and an replaceable battery for starters. It also features 3G connectivity, three USB ports, full size DVI slot, PC card slot, Gigabit Ethernet port and a firewire connector. The icing on the cake – it is thinner and lighter than the MacBook Air at 1Kg and features a DVD writer. The cost is expected to be about $2400.

Lenovo on the other hand is supposed to have a ThinkPad X300 in the pipeline if rumors are to be believed. The laptop is again as thin as the Air at 0.93″ and lighter at 2.5 lbs as compared to the Air’s 3lbs. It features a 13.3″ screen, a 2Ghz/880Mhz Intel Merom Santa Rosa Dual Core CPU, upto 4GB of RAM and a 64 GB Solid State Drive. It has three USB ports, three internal PCI-E slots, Express card slot, built in webcam, stereo speakers. It also supports Bluetooth, WWAN, WiMax and GPS.The battery is a three-cell replaceable lithium polymer power source. And yes, this one too has a DVD writer.

Guess the MacBook Air might just have the Air sucked right out of it soon !

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