OS Market ShareI was watching I am legend the other day, when for the nth time I saw a Mac on the big screen. Mac OS has just a measly 9% market share of the OS market in the real world. Windows has most of the rest of the market. However Hollywood seems to disagree.

In their portrayal of the world, almost every computer is a Mac. Of late almost every movie I have seen that has some kind of computer in it, has a Mac as that computer. The trend seems to be that most home pc’s and stylish personal laptops and notebooks are Mac’s, while the ones used by hackers, FBI, CIA, NSA ( and other government alphabets ) feature some kind of weird custom OS. In Hollywood’s screen realm, Mr.Gates was never born and a company called Microsoft does not exist. In fact Hollywood, does not even show the venerable penguin.

The trend has caught on even in TV Series. Most TV Series have their lead characters using a MacBook. Also, it seems that the villains use Windows ! Or that’s how it looked in Dexter, with Dexter using a MacBook and one of his serial killer opponents using a Dell Windows based laptop.

While free publicity never hurt, I do hope that all this free airtime (since Apple has never been known to actively engage in product placements) helps with the sales someday.

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One Comment

  1. pranav says:

    the good guys use the macbook. 🙂 dexter, smith…