Bamboo Pit ViperToday we decided to spend time in Puttur visiting the local area. In the morning we decided to climb up a local hill, one that I have climbed up many times during my childhood, and then see what else we could do. After climbing up, one can see a nice view of Puttur. Up there we spotted several green bee-eaters as well as a kingfisher. After clambering down the hill we decided to visit some old trees where fruit bats rest during the day. The place is located near the market and fruit bats have been resting there for more than a decade at least. While we observing the bats, one of the people staying in the houses nearby struck up a conversation with us. During the course of the conversation, the man told us of a doctor who kept snakes in his house. intrigued we headed off in search of this man. The doctor turned out to be Dr. Ravidranath Aithal, who rescues snakes when they wander into peoples houses. After treating the snakes for any injuries, he lets them out into the wild. There were several snakes that he showed us including a king cobra, pythons, russel’s viper, krait, cobra, bamboo pit viper, rat snake, Ceylon cat snake and even a flying snake !

The evening was spent on packing for the journey back home the next day.

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