After inquiring with some relatives from Puttur, we decided the best way to reach Chickmanglur, the closest town to Kemmangundi would be via a circuitous bus routes. We started by catching a bus from Puttur to Ujire, a stop on the way. From there we caught another bus going to Chickmanglur. The bus crossed the Charmari ghats on the way. Some of the views that you can see along this route are simply breathtaking. Especially, now with all the hills clad in a lush green clothing courtesy of the unseasonable rains in November. Unfortunately, I couldn’t click any pictures along the way since my camera was packed away in my bag. Next time I’ll make sure I carry a smaller second camera to click pictures along the way.

We reached Chickmanglur by about 1:00 in the afternoon. After lunch, we called up the guest house to inquire about how we could reach Kemmangundi. To our horror, the chap at the guest house told us that we would have to reach a spot about 40 odd Km from Chickmanglur from where we could get a connecting bus. The catch was that the connecting bus only ran twice a day and the last one for the day was at about 3:00. We quickly got into the next bus headed there and managed to just about make it in time to get into the connecting bus.

The bus wound it’s way up a hill passing several coffee plantations and thick forests along the way to finally reach the spot. We walked up to the “reception” and got the keys to our little guest house. After settling in,we went for an walk around the place. The view from there was simply breathtaking and showed promise of exciting days to come.

Dinner was some simple fare served in the common canteen after which we retired for the night.

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