LoupeAbout three months ago started with an idea of using Flickr’s public API to pull my Flickr pictures on to a sub section of my website. I codenamed this project “Loupe”. While I was done with most of coding in under a week, B School kept me way too busy to do anything about Loupe. As such the project was literally hibernating. Now with the first trimester done, and with finally some time on my hand I finally managed to put up Loupe on the web !

What Loupe basically does is pick all the pictures from a user’s public photostream on flickr and display it on a website. All the flickr niceties like tags, sets etc can be accessed. In addition to this there is also a tag based search feature as well as nifty about page to put material on. ( Mine still needs some work, right now it’s just some random text I picked up from another photography site ).

Loupe uses the rflickr library to access the Flickr API. It is built using the excellent web framework for Ruby called Rails. It also uses the mootools and slim box javascript libraries for displaying images. Do give Loupe a look at my photography section and let me know how it is. I will also be writing a series of articles on rails and flickr integration in the coming weeks, so do watch this space for more.

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