Had the GE IMLP selection process today for summer internships. The selection process started with a group task where we were split into groups. Each group had to analyze a scenario ( standard plane crash, survivors, what items would you take and why scenario). We then had to present our analysis as a group. Our group did decently well in the analysis, though I didn’t think I was that visible in terms of displaying good “group behavior” traits in the whole process.

To my utter surprise though I realized later that I was shortlisted for the interview process. Interview questions were largely work related, and the one tricky question was whether I would still go for the process if “J.P. Morgan” offered me a job / internship. That was something I couldn’t handle very convincingly I guess and therefore even though I went through two rounds of interviews, I didn’t make the final cut.

While I believe I have lost an excellent opportunity to get into the GE-IMLP stream , it just maybe a blessing in disguise. Only time will tell I guess. Anyway, exams start on Monday so I’m all geared up for that.

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