Rain Drops keep falling....Of late, thanks to college, haven’t been able to head for my usual weekend walks to Aarey. After a long time, I finally got some time to go Aarey. The walk started on a great note with the sighting of drongo along the path. As I went along my usual walking route, I spotted among other birds, a green bee-eater and large group of munias.

At the lotus pond, the usual little Grebes were happily fishing in the pond. Walking up the hill me and my dad were lucky to hear some peacocks calling out to each other. Along the pat, we also spotted a butterfly that closely resembled a dry leaf when it closed its wings!. But the highlight of the little walk was when on the way back we spotted two well fed Langurs on the trees above. To date I haven’t seen Langurs in Aarey, so this was an unusual first for me.

It was quite nice to have walk through nature after almost a month of being cooped up in a classroom 🙂

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