Wrote a “paper” for TISS – Manthan on the Triple Bottom Line concept. The Triple Bottom Line (3BL) approach in a nutshell is when a firm concentrates on People, Planet and Profits rather than just Profits. Almost every company worth it’s brand image seems to be jumping on this bandwagon with elaborate “balance sheets” chronicling their adventures in the 3BL world. Something just smells fishy when you look at these beautiful glossy 3BL reports. I kind of find this mad frenzy to show “Corporate Social Responsibility” to share holders to be a phenomenon of the post-Enron World. It’s probably the current fad in vogue.

This view is kind of echoed by Wayne Norman on the Business Ethics Blog. My little “paper” presents the current views and opinions against the 3BL concept and serves to show how hollow the concept is in it’s implementation.

The results for the initial shortlist of TISS-Manthan 2007  will be out on the 28th of this month. So keeping my fingers crossed.

I also hope to put this paper up along with some of my little experiments in rails when I put up Labs towards the end of the next month.

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