Had a business communication “practical” session at Tian, Juhu. The session was largely to acquaint people with dining etiquette expected at a formal lunch / dinner. The lunch was interesting as we were basically having a continental meal at a Chinese restaurant!

We began with some chicken soup as the first course. This was followed by a Waldorf salad (apple, walnut and mayonnaise) as the second course. I was a bit apprehensive about eating this because I don’t really like mayonnaise at all, but the salad was quite nice ( something I didn’t expect ). After this we had some stir fried vegetables, pasta and chicken in a brown sauce. I quite liked the stir fried vegetables ( especially broccoli and mushrooms ), while the chicken was just about ok.

The best part was the dessert, which consisted of vanilla with chocolate sauce and fried noodles dipped in honey. Amazing stuff, the noodles were fabulous !

Overall, the food was quite decent and just about Ok. A nice experience overall.

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