Saw this play, “The President is coming…” at NCPA with friends from college. We had made plans previously to watch some play after our statistical methods test. Turned out to be pretty decent, largely funny. The play is based on the premise that George W Bush, is visiting India and he has graciously agreed to meet with a young Indian achiever. In order to shortlist such a person the PR agency in charge assembles a motley bunch of people. These include a firebrand social reformer, a paris hilton lookalike, a yuppie callcenter dude, a c++ programmer, a stockmarket whizkid and a successful author. What follows is a mad cap race between them to cement their place next to Dubya.

While it is entertaining and funny, it also brings about some serious social themes like the differences between rural and urban India, racism and sexist behavior, homophobia and the ugly streak that competition seems to bring out in people. The only thing I didn’t like about the play was that it used way too much profanity. In fact I figure that I have heard the F word used more in this one play than in all the plays I have seen over the last three years. Still in-spite of this it is definitely quite entertaining and worth a watch.

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